What is


This is a story that has as engine the happiness that came to our lives through our children. Our gratitude and love towards La Casita de Nicolás (which for almost 40 years has provided protection and accompaniment to children with violated rights), inspired the creation of the Association of Adoptive Families, an organization that believes in love and the heart of parents, families and close friends, who wish to contribute and connect even more with our work.

Helping the children of La Casita de Nicolás that for different reasons can’t be adopted is one of our goals and therefore our primary goal is to manage the financial support needed by La Casita to continue this great mission.

Since 2006, we began to shape the dream of working in support of the protection and adoption, a mission that moves wills and hearts to carry out a joint work with which we manage cultural, social and charity events, and sell different items such as cards, diaries and other gifts to share and support our children.

Mission statemen

Manage resources to support the operation of La Casita de Nicolás and its continuity, to allow other families to carry out their adoption processes and for our children to seek their roots.

Vision statement

On the year 2018 we will achieve:

A contribution to Casita of COP $ 275 million in the period of 2013 to 2018.

A minimum of 150 associates.

Consolidation of a network of friends of La Casita de Nicolás, making use of different technological tools such as social networks.