Where are we going?

Our story has as engine the happiness that came to our lives through our children. Our gratitude and love towards La Casita de Nicolás, inspired the creation of La Casita de Nicolás Adoptive Families Association, an organization that believes in love and in the hearts of parents, families and close associates who want to contribute and connect even more with our work.


to guarantee that the children in La Casita de Nicolás always have their needs of integral growth satisfied.


with adoptive parents who open their hearts to support the children who are still waiting for their family.


to develop an effective and efficient work for the fulfillment of all the Associations’ goals and projects.


from the adoptive parents towards the management done for the welfare of our children.

Why support us?

  • Contribute through us to the improvement of society.
  • Contribute to the well-being of children and to the happiness of the families who receive them.
  • Help us guarantee to our children, all the resources they need to have a healthy and happy childhood.
  • Receive a donation certificate for your contributions.
  • Receive benefits to participate in social, cultural and academic events.

  • Una Nota con Amor was better than ever
  • What parent does not fear adolescence?
  • Adolescence is a privileged stage
  • Do you want to adopt? Lear more about the process, here
  • Una Nota con Amor was better than ever

    100% of the box office sold out, along with the participation of 12 sponsors, 9 allies and 14 media, made the seventh version of the concert Una Nota con Amor, a total success.

    Thanks to the support of hundreds of people, we did a great job raising funds to guarantee that the children of La Casita de Nicolás have all the needed resources to experience a fulfilling childhood while they wait for their families.


  • A concert of Love and Solidarity.

    The seventh version of our annual concert will be better than ever! We invite you to join us next
    Wednesday, August 22nd at 8:00 p.m. in the Fundadores auditorium of EAFIT University, Medellín.

    As always, all resources collected will be destined to the children of La Casita de Nicolás.

    Buy your tickets at www.tuboleta.com


  • What parent does not fear adolescence?

    Risky sexuality, drug addiction and violence, are just some of the problems that we fear our children will adopt in this mythical stage. Few parents see adolescence as what it really is: an opportunity for growth.

    Join us in the lecture "Adolescence: an opportunity to grow and not to suffer" where the Pediatrician specialized in Adolescence, Olga Lucía Restrepo, will give us her position and guidelines on prevention
    from education and management, and the use of the potential of this stage in our children.

    Next Tuesday, July 24.
    Limited places. Join us!


  • Adolescence is a privileged stage: The brain is completely redesigned.

    José Antonio Marina, Spanish psychologist and pedagogue, demystifies this moment of growth that thanks to social models and paradigms, is feared in all family spheres.

    Adolescence is in fact an invaluable moment in which young people from the age of 13, live a complete redesign of the brain that can be exploited for the benefit of their cognition and personality.
    (Article in Spanish only).

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  • Do you want to adopt? Lear more about the process, here

    The adoption process in Colombia aims to restore to children and teenagers, their fundamental right to be part of a family that is loving and responsible and that counts with all the aptitude to provide them with a happy and healthy life on a physical, emotional, social and emotional level.

    If you are considering adoption as a life project, we invite you to know more about how the process in Colombia works. Click here (official documents only in Spanish):

    Read more

    Please note that all foreign adoptions must be established through certified agencies on the different countries.


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