How to help



AsoCasita, along with La Casita de Nicolás, provide children with a home, food, well-being, quality of life, accompaniment, happiness and love, while helping them fulfill the dream of having a family.

We invite individuals and companies to take part in this beautiful work with the Padrino Plan, which allows donations from any amount to help us have the necessary resources to maintain the children’s well-being.

You can also donate ideas and projects that can bring happiness, fun, learning and growth to children in La Casita.

Ways to help


Become an associate

If you are an adoptive parent or adopted child

(of legal age) from La Casita de Nicolás or other adoption centers, we invite you to become a member of AsoCasita. Not only will you be contributing to the well-being of the children who are still waiting for their family, but you will be able to attend social and academic activities, among other benefits.

Complete this form and send it to the

Single donation

A donation for the amount you want and as often as you want.

Monthly donation

Program an automatic monthly debit for the amount you want.

1 Program an automatic monthly debit for the amount you want.Program a donation
2 How do I program my donation? here.
3 Send us the completed bank form to Send us the completed bank form to



Various items

Donate in-kind items such as food, clothing, toys, books, school supplies or other items important for the development of children.


Bring valuable experiences that contribute to the cognitive and psychosocial development of children, allowing them to know more about the world, people, science and culture, and providing them with memories for a lifetime.