• Adolescence is a privileged stage
  • Do you want to adopt? Lear more about the process, here
  • Adolescence is a privileged stage: The brain is completely redesigned.

    José Antonio Marina, Spanish psychologist and pedagogue, demystifies this moment of growth that thanks to social models and paradigms, is feared in all family spheres.

    Adolescence is in fact an invaluable moment in which young people from the age of 13, live a complete redesign of the brain that can be exploited for the benefit of their cognition and personality.
    (Article in Spanish only).

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  • Do you want to adopt? Lear more about the process, here

    The adoption process in Colombia aims to restore to children and teenagers, their fundamental right to be part of a family that is loving and responsible and that counts with all the aptitude to provide them with a happy and healthy life on a physical, emotional, social and emotional level.

    If you are considering adoption as a life project, we invite you to know more about how the process in Colombia works. Click here (official documents only in Spanish):

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    Please note that all foreign adoptions must be established through certified agencies on the different countries.


    During May the project was realized ” SKILLS FOR THE LIFE “, led by Maria Adelaida Usquiano, psychologist of the institution and the teacher Nicolás Mosquera, receiving the students’ support of psychology of the University Ces and the Foundation Let’s play in the Forest.

    The project was realized by the children and girls of Nicolás’s Little house, by the aim to help them to develop competitions psicosociales and interpersonal skills, as well as skills and skills psicosociales that they facilitate to them to face in a positive way the requirements and challenges of the daily life.

    There is claimed that the children acquire personal strategies that favor the capture of decisions, an effective and assertive communication, as well as skills that allow them to face difficult situations and to solve conflicts saludablemente.



Text: María Asunción Roqueta Sureda
Format: Book
Topics: Bonding, Trauma, Abandonment, Resilience

Adopted children sometimes come across different challenges while they grow up, challenges that have an impact on their emotionality and personality, as well as that of their family and different social circles.

Within this relatively new topic, there are many wrong diagnoses that place children and teenagers under the label of syndromes and disorders, labels that sometimes come with psychiatric medication.

In the book, the author seeks to identify possible causes and explanations of the most typical challenges of adopted children and teenagers, in elements of their own environment, such as family, school and social environment.
Book in Spanish only.